"Kristjan Ceh is the Michael Jordan of the discus"

"Kristjan Ceh is the Michael Jordan of the discus"

The 206-centimetre Slovenian bear has beaten Sweden's Daniel Ståhl in three straight competitions now.

On Thursday night, they will meet again in Rome's Diamond League. Watch the fight on this site https://cricket360.bet/.

But in just one month, the Slovenian has emerged as the new favourite ahead of the World Championships in Eugene in July, pipping Daniel Ståhl as the world leader.

The reason?

According to many, it's the move to Estonia and new coach Gerd Kanter.

The man who has torn open major wounds at home in Slovenia, where Ceh's Estonian partner, slam thrower Anna Maria Orel, has been accused of “stealing” the world number one from his homeland and also costing him a medal at last summer's Tokyo Olympics.

When Anna Maria wanted to train with Kristjan Ceh in Slovenia ahead of the Olympics, she was thrown out of the stadium by the Slovenian's old coach, Gorazd Rajher.

This led to a heated argument and Ceh breaking with his coaching staff just a month before the start of the Tokyo Olympics.

So when the Slovenian finished a disappointing fifth in the Olympic final, he was thrown out without a coach and back home in Slovenia many considered the break to be the reason for a missed medal.

And his partner Anna Maria Orel had to take all the blame.

Partner: never been so insulted

That prompted her to hit back in a long post on Instagram.

- I never suggested that my boyfriend would break up with his coach so close to the most important competition of his life. I supported him, and we tried to fix the situation,' she wrote.

- I have never been so insulted as to be described as someone who 'stole an athlete from his coach'. Not a single thing that has been said about me is true, and I will NEVER let anyone bully me like that again.

But salvation was at hand when Anna Maria was coached by former world star Gerd Kanter.

The Estonian whom Daniel Ståhl's trainer Vesteinn Hafsteinsson turned into a world star.

The now 43-year-old Kanter took Olympic gold in Beijing in 2008 and World Championships gold in Osaka the year before, and is third all-time with his 73.38.

He never reached old GDR thrower Jürgen Schult's world record of 74.08, but he hopes to do so now as a coach.

- It's obviously a big challenge, and I'm quite new as a coach. But he is a new extreme talent. I love basketball and I liken Kristjan to a young Michel Jordan," he told Slovenian television after the first competition of the season.

- I took the job because I believe he can become an Olympic champion, and he can break the world record.

In his two previous Diamond League competitions, Kristjan Ceh has won with a world best 71.27 in Birmingham and 69.68 in Rabat.

What will it be like in Rome? That's the question.