With Temples and Tombs, Microgaming bets everything on Lara Croft

We were waiting for the continuation of the adventures of the beautiful explorer with impatience. Here it is with "Temples and Tombs" from Microgaming which has everything to delight the fans. It is thanks to the success of Lara Croft in the cinema with Angelina Jolie in 2001 that 3 years later the first slot machine inspired by "Tomb Raider" was born. In its wake came "Secret of the Sword" in 2008 and "Temples and Tombs" in May 2019 from the expert hands of developer Triple Edge Studios. Let's let Lara Croft take us once again into the underground of gambling to explore our full gaming potential with this legendary slot machine!

Lara Croft Microgaming

Lara Croft is a winner

This athletic young archaeologist has made a lasting impression on a generation of young gamers, and has generated an unprecedented amount of buzz, culminating in a star on the Walk of Game in San Francisco. Originally, it was video games designed by Core Design and then Square Enix that showcased her unparalleled adventuring skills, gradually becoming the archetype of a resolutely modern woman. For many young girls, Lara Croft still embodies the warrior, thus taking over (13 years later) the role of the first female character in the history of video games, namely the lively Chun-Li from "Street Fighter II".

During the year 2021, the 25 years of Lara Croft could be celebrated around the license "Tomb Raider" whose next executive producer will be Dallas Dickinson. Numerous derivative products have been released since the very beginning, and we no longer count the dolls and figurines bearing her image. This overwhelming success will probably culminate with the release of the animated series "Tomb Raider" on Netflix.

Lara Croft is on all fronts and all lips. And to find all the aroma of the video game franchise "Tomb Raider", we can also dive into a slot machine "Lara Croft" that will make us relive in concentrate all the extent of its gameplay. The first to see the game will be players in Italian casinos. By the way, in Italian such clubs are called casino non AAMS Skrill.

Temples and Tombs, an outstanding slot!

With "Temples and Tombs", Lara Croft returns to her origins and invites us to make our way through the mountains of sand and gold coins. Avoiding the traps of deities such as crocodile-headed Sobek and evil Seth has never been easier on the pleasant path to the Tomb of Free Towers. We'll go all out to find the x3, x6, x9, and x15 multipliers that offer us unprecedented opportunities to advance towards the treasure of the Golden Scarab!

Getting to the heart of the matter in a slot machine has never been so thrilling with this new Microgaming version of "Lara Croft". Where "Secret of the Sword" was content to have a breathtaking aesthetic worthy of spy movies, "Temples and Tombs" offers the opportunity to get as close as possible to the ancient treasure of the Egyptians and the jackpot! 243 combinations are at your fingertips for maximum action and adventure in this bright 5x3 reel slot.

Features to match Lara Croft

If 3 symbols from the "Lara Croft" logbook line up, you get a mythical "Bonus Round" of 8 Free Spins. And if the WILD "golden beetle" comes to the party, it will not be 10 or 20 free spins, but 32 that will fall straight into your pocket!

But be careful that the sandy nets escaping from the ceiling do not reduce our hopes of winning to nothing! But "Lara Croft" is well equipped with the symbols corresponding to her weapons and tools of choice: ice axe, water bottle, bag and motorcycle, among others.

Lara Croft Microgaming

Even if the payouts seem as incalculable as the mysteries of the Pyramids of Egypt, "Temples and Tombs" boasts an RTP payout rate of 96.05%, which currently places it among the best slots available. Let's remember that Microgaming, which is known as the first to have developed a gaming software for online casinos in 1994, has put its money on the Lara Croft franchise again this time!

Indeed, this supplier of games such as the famous "Immortal Romance" is proud of its beautiful Lara "Croftian" offspring, which benefits from a new Rolling Reelstm process that ensures a foolproof volatility. In fact, Microgaming boasts of having paid out no less than 1.45 billion euros thanks to its progressive jackpot slots. And it advocates Fair Play through the eCOGRA standard.

With its "Temples and Tombs" slot, the jackpot can go up to 5,000x the stake. And if "Lara Croft" appears 3 times, like in the magic formulas of fairy tales where pronouncing her name 3 times makes the invoked deity appear, our bet can be multiplied by 10. Thank you Microgaming, and especially Lara Croft for this online money game!

For all fans of archaeological digs and mysterious artifacts, Lara Croft is a must. Microgaming has not been mistaken in signing, with the return of its cult heroine in the slot "Temples and Tombs", one of its best successes.