The Study

A Whole New Bar Experience!

Within the ever changing rooms of Rose.Rabbit.Lie at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas you may be lucky enough to find “The Study” – that is if you can find the hidden door. Follow the sound of tap dancers and vinyl records and you should be getting closer…

  • A bar/restaurant within Rose.Rabbit.Lie
  • Record player and vinyls available for guests to play
  • Vintage books available to read
  • Handcrafted drinks menu special to The Study
  • Dining options available
Source: Pexels. Author: LEEROY

Source: Pexels. Author: LEEROY

Opening hours

Wednesday to Thursday : 6pm – Midnight

Friday to Saturday : 6PM – 1AM

General Contact



Level 2, West End. Inside Rose.Rabbit.Lie

Group Reservations

For groups of 10 or more, call 877.551.7776 or fill out this form


The Study of Rose.Rabbit.Lie

The Cosmopolitan describes Rose.Rabbit.Lie as a “grand social experiment. How so? Well, when you ask for it to be defined within a genre, if it’s a theater, a bar, a nightclub or a restaurant,  the answer is simply: “All of them. And more.”  

And that is why it is such an intriguing experience to be at the Study. It is a constantly changing space, with walls moving, performers appearing, and the mood changing depending on the time of the day. Both a bar and restaurant, the Study features vintage books (not just for decoration! They can be read!), a record player and a collection of vinyls encouraging the visitors to put some music on of their own choosing. In addition, guests have the option of buying handcrafted drinks at the bar (some only made at the bar in the Study) and peruse through the general Rose.Rabbit.Lie menu for anything their hearts/stomachs may desire. Lucky guests may see the tap dancers doing their thing on the bar counter – it is adorned with noticeable shoe marks for a reason.

Price and Menu

All drinks on “The Study” drinks menu are US $16. They have a total of 8 specialty drinks specific for this bar and there is bound to be something for any palate, their drinks menu including both the sweet, the sour, the salty and the spicy.

Menus for all of Rose.Rabbit.Lie are also available in The Study and can be found here


In general there are many positive reviews in regards to the difference of the many rooms of the bar/restaurant area, but here are some talking specifically about the Study: Reviewer eyeforservice says If you think you’ve done it all in Vegas, dinner at Rose Rabbit Lie is how you take it to the next level. At the very least, get a drink in the Study. It’s like a speakeasy. Feel it out and move on to dinner or another room if you feel inclined.”

The many rooms and the ability to roam as you wish does have its consequences however: Reviewer Barbara says the following about the Study: “Loved the myriad rooms and themes and the dancers popping out of the frames on the walls to do an incredible little tap routine on the bar in the ‘Study’ where we had dinner. The drinks were unusual and excellent.” Further down in the review, Barbara mentions some of the negative aspects about the Study, things that are mentioned in other reviews as well: “But it felt somehow unfinished and not quite there. Too many people milling in and around waiting for the show. Too full, then too empty. Chairs were uncomfortable and oddly big but the booth seating was fab. Service was okay.”

Overall, reviewers agree that the atmosphere changes a lot depending on how few or many people are in the Study, and that it can get quite busy. There is also a general consensus that the prices can be a bit high, but that the things served are also generally worth the price. Generally , reviewers enjoy the atmosphere and adventure of the Study.


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