Pets at The Cosmopolitan

Pets at The Cosmopolitan


Bring your best friend with you to the Cosmopolitan

If you are looking to bring your dog with you on your trip to Las Vegas, the Cosmopolitan can be your choice of a dog friendly hotel with a great location. All rooms at the hotel are dog friendly and you receive a complimentary BarkBox with treats and toys on arrival for your four-legged companion’s enjoyment. The Cosmopolitan provides you with a map of the resort’s relief areas and a designated dog area near the Bamboo pool. According to the hotel’s pet policy, you can bring up to two dogs under 25lbs per room for the price of $50 per dog per night. The Cosmopolitan requires documentation for all recommended vaccinations of your pet on check in, so don’t forget the doggy passport. In case you have to leave your dog unattended in the room, you are required to place them in a kennel for their safety.

Dogs are not allowed in the resort’s food and beverage areas, the game areas, pool or fitness center areas, unless they are documented as service dogs.

The hotel permits only dogs and if you are looking to bring a different kind of animal, please contact the Guest Services at 702.698.7000 to check if this would be possible.


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Pet Amenities

  • Complimentary Barkbox
  • All rooms are dog friendly
  • Food can be arranged through room service
  • A dog sitter can be arranged through the hotel concierge
  • Relief areas outside and inside the resort
  • Dog area near the Bamboo pool


  • Charge of $50 per dog per night
  • Up to two dogs per room
  • Dogs must be 25lbs or less
  • No dogs allowed on the casino floor or in food, pool or fitness areas.
  • Document of up-to-date required pet vaccinations.
  • Kennel for unattended dogs

Helpful Things

If you are wondering how big a 25 lbs adult dog is, check out this Small dog breed guide.

For your convenience, we have created a doggy don’t forget list before you travel to Las Vegas.


  • Water bowl and water for trip
  • Food bowl
  • Doggy bed
  • Doggy Snacks
  • Leash
  • Local kennel info
  • Up-to-date doggy vaccination passport
  • Favorite toy
  • Favorite blanket

Las Vegas is a bustling desert city and it could prove to be overwhelming for our best friends, thus it is always a good idea to have a few veterinary hospital contacts prepared in case of veterinary emergency. Check out our list of vets near the Cosmopolitan:

In Cases of Emergency

1. Las Vegas Animal Emergency Hospital

Address: 5231 W. Charleston Blvd.  Las Vegas, NV 89146

Phone: 702-822-1045

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri: 6:00pm – 8:00am

Sat: start at 4PM remains open until Mon 8AM.

[maps navigation]

Distance from Cosmo: apx. 2hrs walking / 15min by car / 1hr public transport

2. Tropicana Animal Hospital

Address: 2385 East Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: 702-736-4944

Opening hours:

24hr on-call emergency service.

Mon – Fri: 6am – 8pm

Sat – Sun: 6am – 5pm

[maps navigation]

Distance from Cosmo: apx. 1:20hr walking / 10 min car / 40 min public

3. Mountain Vista Animal Hospital

Address: 4675 E Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV 89121

Phone: 702-458-8808

Opening hours:

Emergency service available:

Mon – Fri: 7:00am – 7:00pm

Sat 8:00am – 5:00pm

Sun 8:00am – 12:00pm

[maps navigation]

Distance from Cosmo: apx 2hrs walking /20 min by car/ 34 min by public transport

4. Paradise Pet Hospital

Address: 1060 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: Regular: (702) 734-1711. Emergency after opening hours (702) 457-8050

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri: 7:00 am – 6:00pm

Sat: 7:00am – 5:00pm

Sun: 10:00am – 4:00pm

[maps navigation]

Distance from Cosmo: apx 41min walking / 9min by car / 22 by public transport

5. St. Rose Animal Urgent Care

Address: 3255 St. Rose Pkwy., Suite 180 Henderson, NV 89052

Phone: 702.996.7927

Opening hours: 4:00pm – 2:00am

[maps navigation]

Distance from Cosmo: 3:20hr walking / 21min by car / 1-1½ hour by public transport

6. West Flamingo Animal Hospital

Address: 5445 West Flamingo Road, NV 89103

Phone: (702) 508-9664

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 10:00pm

Sat – Sun: 8:00am – 5:00pm

[maps navigation]

Distance from Cosmo: 1 hour walking/ 10 min by car / 25 min by public transport

More info on pet clinics and hospitals here

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