Concierge Service

Ask and You shall Receive

Out of ideas of what to do during your stay at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas? Need to see a doctor or plan a bachelor party? The Cosmopolitan will help you with this and that and everything in between! Ready to accommodate your wishes before you even arrive, this concierge team is ready to help you in any way they can to make sure that you have a more than just pleasant stay.

  • Make reservations at restaurants and bars
  • Contact for tickets to shows and tours
  • Helps with everything from Bachelor parties to seeing a doctor
  • To them no request is out of the ordinary

Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday 7AM – 9PM

Friday & Saturday 7AM – 10PM


Tel. No 877.893.2003

[email protected]

Or fill out and submit a form here

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Concierge Service Reviews

When looking at the opinions of the hotel concierge, there are a lot of positive things mentioned in regards to the service: Veronica A. from CA says ”The only hotel in Las Vegas that I will stay in. I love their customer service, their atmosphere, the way it smells.It’s like my second home while in Vegas.

There are, however, some reviewers who have had a less than pleasant experience in regards to the service:

Reviewer Sara M. shares on Tripadvisor Not worth the money. There are much nicer hotels for the same (or less) price point. What’s advertised isn’t what you get. It was built to be condos that failed so they turned into a “resort” and it shows. Customer service was terrible, get one answer and turn around and get something different. Marquee is advertised to look upscale – couldn’t be further from it.”

Most of the reviews of the hotel are positive: On TripAdvisor, a large majority have rated the hotel as high as possible on the rating scale – on Yelp it is the same situation with a majority of high rated reviews, and with many guests referring to the excellent service as one of the reasons for the high rating. It does appear that a few guests have had bad experiences with the concierge and service though, according to reviews giving the hotel a lower general rating.