All the WHERE and HOW of Parking at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Parkings are a boring deal but not in Vegas and definitely not the one at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The Cosmo parking is as chic as the hotel and does not disappoint when it comes to both convenience and vibe.

  • Free self-parking
  • EV charging stations
  • Free valet parking
  • Easy LED parking space navigation

General Information

Greeted by a giant COSMOPOLITAN sign on the wall, you drive into the 4-level underground parking. A convenient above-head screen will indicate the number of free parking spaces for each level – B2, B3, B4 and B5, as well as the available handicapped spaces. Finding a place to park in Las Vegas has never been as easy as parking here, all thanks to the LED lights above each parking space indicating taken (red), parking for handicapped (blue) or free (green).

The parking spaces at the Cosmopolitan are decorated with wallworks by famous contemporary artists such as Shepard Fairey, RETNA, Kenny Scharf, Curtis Kulig and others.

Kenny wall 4049

Source: Flickr. Author: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

For the electric car owners, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas offers Wall Outlet (120v), Nema 14-50 and two Tesla HPWC (S). Valet parking is also equipped with an EV charger. For more information on nearby electric car chargers, check out Plugshare. The Cosmopolitan parking has a 24/7 security camera and is managed by Douglas Parking LLC.

The Parking Entrance

The Cosmo’s parking entrance is located on the right of Harmon Avenue when you are heading west. For self-parking turn left by the  entrance and follow the digital signs. Valet parking is accessible through the right lane.

Another way to get to  the parking entrance of the hotel is by going south on the Strip. You will pass Bellagio on your right and after the large “Bellagio” sign, you will see an unmarked access road directly in front of the Cosmopolitan. Take a right from this road to access the north end of the parking garage. Note, however, that this road is not advisable for exiting the parking area as there is no stoplight on this side of the Strip and it would likely take you a long time to exit.

Access to the Hotel Reception

Accessing the Cosmopolitan from the parking area is done through several elevator banks that can take you up to the different floors, just select the most suitable one, as  some elevators are closer to the reception and others are closer to the buffet at the back of the resort. Remember that the parking floor charts differ from level to level, so make sure to remember which is your closest elevator.

Valet Parking

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas valet parking area, hailed to be the most beautiful parking in all of Las Vegas, is a modern space with a sleek look decked with art and foliage. Cosmo Valet parking can be accessed from Harmon Avenue, the same directions as if you were going to self-park but instead of going down the self-park ramp (left), look for the signs that lead you to the right hand lane to the Cosmopolitan’s Porte Cochere.


Reviews point out that the parking is not exactly oversized vehicle-friendly, due to steep turns and high speed bumps. Yet generally, parking at the Cosmopolitan is considered one of the friendliest and accessible parking areas on the Strip, an area where traffic can cause headaches for car owners, most especially during peak hours. For more reviews about parking at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, click here. Below, two  TripAdvisor reviewers talk about parking at the Cosmopolitan:

Self-Parking: TripAdvisor reviewer TigerintheSunshine mention the advantage of parking at the Cosmo, “another big plus is the free parking garage underneath the hotel which is easy to find and has plentiful spaces which is easy to navigate with a red/green light system.

Valet parking:TripAdvisor reviewer Ndcar says of his experience using Cosmo’s valet parking –  “parking was free and we used the free valet for our rental car. This can take some time in the mornings and they do not allow call ahead for car retrieval.

In most of the self-parking reviews, customers are all very happy in regards to the innovative light system of showing which spots are free or not. In regards to the valet parking system, reviewers have mixed opinions: Some are over the moon about it while others have found it less than trustworthy.